The Great Debate: Who Would You Rather Have - Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick?
By Joe Caporoso, Kevin Baumer on Thursday, January 16 2014

Joe: Both Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick have extremely bright NFL futures. However, if I could only choose one to move ahead with, I’d go with Kaepernick. He is a player who is just starting to reach his immense physical potential. While it was an overstatement, there was a reason Ron Jaworski said Kaepernick has the tools to "be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever." Kaepernick's combination of size, speed and arm strength are unlike anything Wilson (or anybody else, for that matter) possesses. Right now, Wilson’s career numbers are slightly better, but I'd rather have Kaepernick's potential.

Kevin: You’re right that Kaepernick oozes potential, but I’m not too confident he’ll ever reach it. He’s stepped up in the postseason two years in a row now, but Kaepernick was sleepwalking through much of the regular season and I’m just not sure he’s going to put it all together. On the other hand, Wilson is pretty much a sure thing. I’m not sure how much higher his ceiling is, but Wilson is already a very solid QB that has a very bright future ahead of him. Wilson is a born winner and has that “it” factor that’s always talked about, but is impossible to pinpoint. Wilson's physical tools are pretty good, too - he can make all the throws and makes just as many plays with his feet as Kaepernick. But I’m more excited about Wilson’s intangibles. This is a guy that’s going to lead his team to the playoffs every year.

Joe: Oh no, not the “it” factor. Considering Kaepernick has already reached the Super Bowl, I’m sure he has enough “it” to get by. You said he “sleepwalked” through the season, yet Kaepernick still managed a 91.6 QB rating, 524 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. Remember, this was Kaepernick’s first full season as a starting quarterback and he guided his team to a 12-4 record and two road postseason wins. Kaepernick was also without his top receiver, Michael Crabtree, for the overwhelming majority of the season. With Jim Harbaugh on the sideline and another postseason under his belt, Kaepernick is only going to get that much better next season.

Kevin: Make fun of "it" if you want! The “it” factor is a very real thing and Wilson has it. Kaepernick, I’m not sure about yet. And yeah, Kaepernick made it to the Super Bowl and was the quarterback of a very good team this year. But I don’t know that he’s directly responsible for either. If you remember, Alex Smith was playing out of his mind last year for San Fran before Harbaugh made the switch. Who says Smith couldn’t have gotten the 49ers to the Super Bowl, too? The point is, San Francisco has a great defense, the most underrated running back of our generation, a top-three tight end and Anquan Boldin. Seattle also has a great D and obviously Marshawn Lynch is a beast, but I’d probably take the 49ers roster over the Seahawks', especially now that Crabtree's. I’m not denying that Kaepernick has had his moments, but I just think Wilson is a much safer option now and for the future. Jaworski is right that Kaepernick could be something special, but he’s not there yet in my eyes. On the other hand, I’d absolutely trust Wilson to run my team for the next decade, and do a great job of it.

Joe: Fine, you play it safe with Wilson and I’ll roll the dice on the guy with the coolest commercial around.

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Photo source: Getty Images, YouTube, ImgFlip, ESPN