Ranking the Remaining Super Bowl Contenders: Championship Weekend
By Joe Caporoso on Wednesday, January 15 2014

#4 San Francisco 49ers 

Sorry Jim Harbaugh, don't yell at us! - You've gotten your butt kicked in Seattle the last two years. We aren't sure Colin Kaepernick can generate enough points against Seattle's defense to even make Sunday's game competitive.

Why we might be too confident in Seattle - The Seahawks offense has been struggling the past month, particularly quarterback Russell Wilson. San Francisco already won in subarctic Green Bay and Carolina, why can't the 49ers keep rolling? 

#3 Denver Broncos

What, no faith in Manning? It isn't Manning. New England could just be the better overall team and the Patriots are definitely the better-coached team. If Denver does advance, we aren't sure their offense is going to do very well to New Jersey in February. 

Don't buy that narrative - Manning is an all-time great and he can take care of business at home this week, just like he did last week. Denver's offense is more balanced than it gets credit for and the Broncos' pass rush looked dominant last weekend, even without Von Miller. 

#2 Seattle Seahawks

Not the favorite anymore? - We've changed our mind since last week. We aren't sold on the Seahawks offense being good enough to win the whole thing. 

Why we shouldn't have second-guessed ourselves - Seattle has been the best all-around team in the NFL since the season started. The Seahawks are built to play in cold weather.

#1 New England Patriots

As a New York Jets fan, I hope this jinx works! But the safest bet at this point is with the best coach and quarterback.

Photo source: Getty Images