NFL Divisional Round Primer
By Joe Caporoso on Thursday, January 9 2014

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

Seattle beat up on the Saints earlier in the year in this same building, leading many to think this will be a slam-dunk victory for the Seahawks. However, it would be foolish to completely write off Drew Brees and company, especially after their impressive road playoff win in Philadelphia. New Orleans may not have enough to pull off the upset, but the Saints will keep this one close into the fourth quarter.

PREDICTION: Seahawks 27, Saints 21

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots 

Andrew Luck led a comeback for the ages last weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately the Chiefs demonstrated just how beat up and vulnerable the Colts defense is. Tom Brady will take advantage and Bill Belichick will scheme up a way to keep T.Y. Hilton from having another monster game, forcing Luck to rely on his lesser options. The Colts will hang around for a while, but ultimately the Patriots' offense will be too much to overcome.

PREDICTION: Patriots 34, Colts 24

San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers 

The 49ers are the only road team favored, and with good reason. Despite losing earlier in the season to Carolina, the 49ers played terrific football down the stretch and gained a ton of experience in their run to the Super Bowl last season. Carolina has a tough defense and Cam Newton is always dangerous, but the Panthers will have a tough time with Jim Harbaugh, his elite defense, and the 49ers' surging offense.

PREDICTION: 49ers 16, Panthers 13

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos 

Many people think the Chargers can steal this one because they won in Denver earlier this season. But with an extra week to prepare, we think Peyton Manning will have plenty of time to figure out the Chargers' defense. San Diego played its best game of the season in that upset over Denver, but it will be hard to duplicate.

PREDICTION: Broncos 27, Chargers 17

#GottaEat Watch

If you're in a fantasy football league for the playoffs, watch for big games from: Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Marshawn Lynch, Knowshon Moreno and Julian Edelman.

The AFC Championship Game we want to see...

Colts vs. Broncos! We are sick of Brady vs. about LUCK VS. MANNING?

The NFC Championship Game we want to see...

49ers vs. Seahawks! Who doesn't want to see these NFC West rivals slug it out again?

Photo source: Getty Images